MenHealth® Solution

Our application.

MenHealth® is the first mobile application developed by BE Technologies of San Francisco, CA that give men opportunity for self assessment. The application processes sound of urine when it hits water surface in a toilet and calculates flow and its dynamics. It saves test results (maximum flow, average flow and voided volume) locally on a smartphone and in a cloud-based storage. MenHealth® application does not require cleaning and is hygenic and consumer friendly. It provides accurate urine flow measurement and enables men to be more aware of their medical conditions and to control them.

How to run the test.

You downloaded the application. Here are your next steps:

1. Application will ask you to allow access to the microphone and speech recognition. Please, answer "Yes" to both.

2. Read a brief information how to use MenHealth® application presented in the "Welcome" pages.

3. Press the "How does it work" button to read more about application or "Skip" button to get to the "New Test"page. "START" button will be colored gray.

4. Press "Background" button to start background measurement, which will last for 5 seconds.

5. It is very important to conduct the background measurement in a quiet environment. Please keep it quiet during the measurement.

6. When the "Start" button becomes blue, application is ready to conduct the test.

7. Place the phone with the microphone looking down towards the toilet at the distance of 2 - 4 feet from the water surface.

8. To start the test, tap on a "START" button or say "Start"; wait a few seconds and then start peeing.

9. It is very important to conduct the test in a quiet environment. Please keep it quiet during the test and be sure to pee directly into the water in the toilet. Tap the "Stop" button or say "Stop" when you finish peeing.

10. The application will process the data and present the following test results: dynamic flow chart, maximum flow and voided volume.

11. Test results (maximum flow, average flow and volume) are saved on the smartphone by default and along with the date and time of the test will appear in the "History" and "Diary" pages. You also have the option to delete the test results by pressing the "Delete" button.

12. To see the flow chart of particular test, just tap on the test info on "History" page. To see the results of previously taken tests, please scroll up or down, or tap on the chart icon in right upper corner of the "Diary" page.

13. The application calculates an average curve and dynamic parameters of the tests conducted during the past week, two weeks, one month, three months or any other period of time. Just tap on "Generate a report" button on history page an choose the period of time you are interested in.

14. Application will present the following average parameters: dynamic curve, maximum flow, voided volume, average flow, time to maximum flow, flow time, voiding time and hesitancy time.

15. To send a report with your average parameters and diary to your physician or urologist, please fill in your information in the "My Profile" page, which can be accessed through the Menu tab. Medical ID information can be left blank.

16. From the "Average Curve" page, press "Send Report" button, which will take you to the "Send Report" page. Then, enter your receipient's email and press "Send" button. To send a report copy to yourself, select the "Send me a copy" option.

17. To see the graphical presentation of your saved test over time (maximum flow, average flow and voided volume), tap on a plot icon in the upper left corner of the "Diary" page.

18. To go back to the "Diary" page, tap the table icon in the left upper corner.

19. To save test results in iCloud based storage, go to the Menu in the right upper corner of the screen, choose "Backup" and accept the statement that backing up your data on a device other than your iPhone may not be HIPPA compliant.

20. To retrieve test results saved in iCloud based storage, go to the Menu and choose "Restore".

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