MyUroflow and MenHealth: The Origins

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July 7, 2020

Our story begins when our chief scientist Edward Belotserkovsky's father was struggling with his enlarged prostate. He went through a TURP procedure and since then did not venture out to monitor his prostate with his urologist. Edward started thinking of ways men can take this private struggle and start to control their prostate and urinary health at home. As a scientist, Edward started doing research and see if there was any correlation between the sound of urine flow and an actual visual graphic representation of it. This concept is called sonouroflowmetry.

There were some attempts but nothing was scientifically and physiologically accurate. Leveraging his physics background in R&D in the design of optical and fiber optic sensors and with more than 30 issued patents to date, Edward developed and patented a way to correlate sound to flow using spectral analysis. He was granted 4 patents on his discovery.

The technology received a 510k class 2 clearance and is a designated uroflowmeter.

Now the question was could sound be captured accurately enough on a phone's microphone? Turns out the sound processing of a phone was highly accurate.

The first MenHealth application prototype came to be in 2018. It was a complete marvel and a game changer for men's health.

After several urologist consultations, the demand was to see patient flow data remotely. The MyUroflow platform , a fully HIPAA compliant platform, was developed to address that issue precisely.

Unfortunately, Edward's father passed away in 2019 from prostate cancer. However, the technology lives on to help the lives of millions of men in the US and around the world.