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Our patented, FDA 510k class II cleared mobile uroflowmetry app and medical device works by listening to the sound of urine flow hitting the toilet water and generates flow curves with valuable voiding parameters, essentially acting as a comprehensive voiding diary. Simple to use at home, anytime.

Pee App & Urine Tracker at Home
Pee App & Urine Tracker

Monitor yourself and see your progress over time

You don't need to wait until you can't void. Start monitoring yourself with MenHealth smartphone app for In-home uroflowmetry today.

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Gain a comprehensive
snapshot of your urological
health and monitor your
symptoms in the privacy
of your home.



Proactively manage your symptoms with your physician's oversight with our urological health app.


User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use app to conduct a urine flow test at the comfort of your home.
No need to urinate in medical offices.
Available in multiple languages.


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Reach out to our customer support team with any questions anytime.

Our patients say

Much Mutual Love Here

Much mutual love here. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac (and always feel out of sorts during tshuvah so only one more day of that) so I'm worried about the light flow but at least I can track it over time and get it checked out if I need to! It's lighter than it was 2 months ago for sure, but I'm on some new meds too.

Seriously, thanks for making the app - at least now I know and knowledge is power. I've been recommending it to folks and urologist friends.

Thank you

I use this app and its reporting system to let my urologist know how I was progressing. Over the time I reported the results he showed satisfaction that it was all normal. Finally he told me that I wouldn't have to report results to him any longer and that my results shower that the symptoms were cured.

Thank you.

This app would have saved My father's life

My dad died of prostate cancer because he didn't detect the problem in time despite knowing about the possibility. If he'd had this app he might still be with us. I miss him terribly and I want to be around my family for a long time. Thank you, MenHealth, for making this...Seriously